For over 35 years Gratnells has been one of the leading suppliers of storage trolleys and frames to hospitals. Our comprehensive range of products is ideal for all your medical storage needs from storage frames and trolleys right through to trays and trolley accessories. Gratnells fully adjustable system will give you maximum control and flexibility throughout the hospital, everywhere from the store room to theatres and recovery wards.


Medical professionals have been using the Gratnells Classic range of frames and trolleys in UK hospitals for decades. The Classic range offers unbeatable value and quality. Its flexible system allows you to combine baskets, trays and shelves in any combination that suits your requirements. And all of our trays and baskets can be easily moved from storage frames to trolleys and back again.


We realise that sometimes you have less room than you would like for storage. So we have just produced a new range of smaller frames and trolleys which are perfect for tighter spaces. Made to the same high specification as our long established Classic range, they hold a more compact tray which comes in a variety of depths and colours. You can also choose lids and a wide range of inserts to keep even the smallest items stored safely.

As with the Classic range there is a wide variety to choose from with single, double or treble widths and a choice of heights. Trays can be moved between the frames and trolleys with ease allowing you to transport products easily from the store room to the clinic, ward or theatre where they are needed. Buy any Gratnells product safe in the knowledge there is a five year guarantee.

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